[With rap star 50 Cent’s "Power” show gearing up for season two, G-Unit’s Young Buck and Kidd Kidd talk to SOHH about the hit Starz series.]

I’ve seen a few [["Empire”]pisodes. I feel like you can’t mention “Empire” with “Power.” If you watch the two, to me “Power” is way more entertaining and give you more of a movie-feel.

It gives you more of a movie feel as far as “Empire” you can see that it’s a show. I just think “Power” is really one of those television shows that you got to watch, if you don’t I hope you have one of those DVRs, for real.

["["Power” cameo?], of course! Of course! You know Season 2, you might have a surprise, you might see me in there! -Kidd Kidd


I’m getting on that [["Po["Power”]50 [Cen[Cent][Cent], you gotta see that the people are asking. They’re asking to see [You[Young]u[Young] “Power” show. -Young Buck