G-Unit’s Tony Yayo has taken a moment to give loyal supporters props for standing by his estranged team through thick and thin.

Brief with his words, the “Talk of New York” thanked his 172,000-plus followers Friday (October 5) afternoon..

“Just want to thank all the people that been supporting Gunit for years in good times and badtimes yall not fans or groupies yall family,” Yayo tweeted Friday (October 5). (Tony Yayo’s Twitter)

In mid-August, former G-Unit member Game poked fun at Tony and his rocky relationship with ex-boss 50 Cent.

“RT @TonyYayo: Who started Gunit me thats who. – uh oh, 50 gone cut off yo health benefits & stop ya Vitamin water shipments u keep it up lol,” Game re-tweeted and wrote August 11th. (Game’s Twitter)

Over the summer, Fif said he invested too much time into steering Yayo and Lloyd Banks‘ careers.

“I actually haven’t spoke to ’em very much. I’m to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them,” Fif revealed in an interview when asked about the rappers. “I did so much for them that they don’t have a continuous work ethic. They got both of those tapes out there, but did you see any visuals? Anything? There’s certain things that the new guy is doing to create momentum or energy. They just sit there and wait. When someone works for you, you have the habit of dealing with things by not dealing with them. You may get in the regimen of coming over and doing it for them.” (XXL Mag)

50 also downplayed Yayo and Banks recently putting out new underground projects.

“Dropping mixtapes…that was my ’02 strategy. That’s 2002 marketing. That’s old. You did nothing if you did that. Look what I’ve done with The Lost Tape or The Big 10. There’s videos for everything that was on the tapes. If you’re going to just wing it and drop a mixtape…pick the highlights that people like most and shoot ’em. Go shoot the video.” (XXL Mag)