G-Unit affiliate Sha Money XL has reportedly left his post as Def Jam’s senior vice president of A&R and is trying his luck at rival music label Epic Records.

Buzz behind the new power move bubbled online Monday (May 13) afternoon.

Michael “Sha Money XL” Clervoix, former SVP of A&R for Island Def Jam, has been named EVP of Urban A&R for Epic Records, it was announced today. Sha Money will oversee artist development and certain aspects of their recording processes, as well as being tasked with further development of Epic’s urban roster. (Billboard Biz)

Both Epic head L.A. Reid and Sha have confirmed the new business relationship via statements.

In a statement, Epic chairman and CEO Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid stressed his confidence in Sha Money, saying that “Sha Money has time and again proven to be a cultural leader and has my complete support in ushering in the next generation of hip-hop stars,” write LA Reid in a statement. “As I embark on this new Epic journey,” remarked Sha Money, “I have a great vision for what the new record industry should be like, the music, the experience and lifestyle.” (Billboard Biz)

After landing at Def Jam in spring 2010, SOHH spoke to Sha about working in the same building as his pal 50 Cent‘s rap enemy Rick Ross.

“I support every artist on the label,” Sha told SOHH. “I had conversations with 50 about that and we even spoke on if I had to find Rick Ross a hit and I had one, it wouldn’t be for me to not give it to him. I support everybody on this label, I want everybody to win, the company makes money and we all make money and we all grow, so, it’s not about holding somebody back trying to [stop] someone from moving ahead and he’s doing his thing. So it’s nothing for me to hate on, I work for this company so everybody needs to win because I’m on a team. I’m not a beef squasher, I don’t get in the middle of none of that sh*t, all I know is whoever has a problem with me just needs to have a problem with ‘me.’ 50 is the big homie and his strategies are for what works for him and I support all of that but at the same time I’m in a business vibe, this sh*t is not about beef. Beef don’t make money, man. That sh*t is sports, it’s just about being the most competitive person out there and n*ggas can’t f*ck with 50 on that level because he keeps going, his money is long, his mind is wise.” (SOHH)

After a run at Island Def Jam, L.A. Reid packed his bags and eventually landed at Epic in summer 2011.

Antonio “L.A.” Reid was officially named head of Epic Records on Monday, a long-expected move that TheWrap confirmed in June. Reid — who will do double duty as a judge on Simon Cowell’s singing competition show “The X Factor” in the fall — will carry the title of chairman-CEO, a fitting role for the man who headed Island Def Jam from 2004 to 2011. (Reuters)