[After recently treating fans to his Fuk Da Fame project, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks to SOHH about how he approaches collaborations.]

I don’t really connect with artists unless it’s real and we’re already cool. I never approach another artist like, “Hey yo, do you want to work together?”

When it’s not real, there’s not going to be any chemistry. When I meet other artists, it’s on a real level like, “All right, cool, I’m going to f*ck with you. I’m going to come through,” even before music.

That way, when we do decide to do music together it’s going to come out great because we already are intertwined with each other. Then I’m able to know what song to put you on.

That’s how I go about collaborating. Whoever I do a song with, these are people I can call on anytime. These just ain’t people I linked up with to do a song with.

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