[With rap star 50 Cent’s “Power” season three in production, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks to SOHH about his work on the hit Starz show and wanting to get back in front of the camera.]

Hopefully you’ll see me again on there. They started shooting season three.

For one, make sure if you haven’t seen the episode, it’s “Power,” season two, episode four, about twenty minutes and thirty seconds, everybody remembers all that!

Shout-out to [show producer/actor] 50 Cent for giving me that whole opportunity. It was a really cool vibe on the set.

[“Power” star] Omari Hardwick is a really cool dude. Everybody showed love and even after that, I run into Omari and it’s all family. It’s really family.

I had my son on the set with me. It was nice. What was great about it also was that when I was performing, if you look at everyone’s reactions, that’s how it really was.

I really was rocking it. That was everyone’s actual reactions. The cast members and everyone in the audience was just loving that song. Even though it was all acting, everyone was loving it.

I was like, “Wow, that’s the song!”

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