G-Unit personality Jack Thriller and affiliate 40 Glocc have both gone after each others’ necks this week on social media with ample threats and disses ahead of an upcoming hip-hop fight.

Thriller sparked things off by dishing on Glocc training with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather‘s uncle for their upcoming bout.

“40 Glocc, you need to kill yourself. Jeff Mayweather, kill yourself too for even got d*mn training him and you can get it too because you know that n*gga. Dude, am I supposed to be scared, am I supposed to be impressed by that sh*t you were doing on TMZ, dog? You’re making Crips look bad everywhere, man. Real talk.” (TMZ Sports)

Watch Jack Thriller’s interview and peep 40 Glocc’s response on the next page…

Glocc has joined in on the feuding with some social media posts.

Earlier this month, Glocc revealed some training footage via Instagram.

According to reports, the boxing bout is expected to go down in late July.

Rapper 40 Glocc’s mama does not want to see this video — his celeb boxing opponent Jack Thriller recorded a trash talking video laced with threats that go way beyond the boxing ring. Thriller — who hosts 50 Cent’s Thisis50.com web network — is fighting 40 Glocc on July 27th in Atlantic City for the first ever Hip Hop celebrity fight night. (TMZ)