G-Unit‘s DJ Whoo Kid and Waka Flocka Flame are going to have to look for new cruise options. New reports claim the duo are banned from Norwegian Cruise Line following a prank gone wrong.

According to Whoo Kid, a poop-related stunt has ultimately resulted in them getting blacklisted from the famous cruise line.

DJ Whoo Kid and Waka Flocka Flame tell TMZ Sports they are no longer welcome on any Norwegian Cruise Line ship after they were blamed for the poop prank during the Feb. 2016 voyage. “Somebody took a dump on the ship,” DJ Whoo Kid says … “Somebody pooped behind the pool and put a $20 bill on the poop.” By the way, Whoo Kid says he’s dead serious about the ban … saying EVERY celeb in the VIP area was questioned as a suspect and they all received bans. (TMZ)

The hip-hop veteran previously made headlines after getting arrested in New York City over a revoked license.

The Shade 45 and G-Unit DJ had a similar run-in with cops in 2014, but failed to show up for court … hence the warrant. Cops say he paid a fine and was released later on Tuesday. Whoo Kid tells us he didn’t realize there was a warrant out for his failure to appear in the 2014 case, since he paid the ticket. He has a June court date for this latest arrest. (TMZ)

Last year, Whoo Kid spoke to SOHH about the presidential election and previously interviewing then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“I have had Donald Trump on my show wilding out. At the end of the day, even if he doesn’t become president [he’s won]. First of all, he doesn’t even put his own money into his campaign. He makes money from the Internet, YouTube, TV networks. When he came onto my show, he already told, “I came on to your show because my son really likes you guys. He listens to your show. I came up here to hang with you because my son really likes you. I want to be cool with you. But I usually charge a million dollars for an interview.” (SOHH)

Kid also talked to SOHH about Trump’s extreme political stances.

“He’s trying to kick illegal aliens out. That’s not really an answer to the problem. You can’t really kick human beings out and f*ck them up. He’s a little rude and borderline racist, but at the end of the day, he’s a money man and he knows how to get the money back to us or the government, I hope. You never know with this political sh*t. You may go home and he feeds you some bullsh*t lie. Even if you don’t win, he’s already made his money back. Who cares? He’s more popular than ever, worldwide. I went to Dubai and Pakistan and all they’re talking about is Donald Trump.” (SOHH)