G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc has more trouble on his head. After recently surviving a near-fatal gunfire attack, the rap veteran reportedly has to deal with a prostitution case.

According to new reports, law enforcement nabbed Glocc back in February with four other people in Minnesota on two counts of intentionally promoting prostitution.

In docs, obtained by TMZ … on February 23, the 41-year-old drove a woman to an unknown location after an undercover cop contacted her through an ad posted on Backpage.com. The woman was arrested but not before cops noticed a Bluetooth headset around her neck with a live call on the phone. While processing the woman, cops noticed the car that dropped her off took off. Cops ultimately located the car and found Glocc with cuts on his hands from allegedly smashing multiple cell phones in his possession to avoid detection. Glocc was arrested. (TMZ)

Last month, the hip-hop artist reflected on nearly dying after getting shot multiple times at a funeral service.

A week prior, Glocc initially talked about surviving the shooting and discussed his feud with rap rival Wack 100.


A few days earlier, Wack 100 publicly bashed 40 Glocc and wished death on him.