West Coast rapper G-Eazy is giving fans a reason to get excited. The hip-hop star went online to announce his “Still Be Friends” single is ‘this’ close to getting some visual treatment.

Big Facts

Last night, G hit up his social media pages to deliver positive news. Eazy vowed to drop the Tyga and Tory Lanez-featured music video this Thursday.

“Still Be Friends music video Thursday, April 2nd 👨🏻👯‍♀️💃🏼🕺🏻💃🏼 @torylanez @tyga @vixenxofficial@pornhub

High-Key Details

Earlier this month, G-Eazy premiered a new online series to the masses. The first episode took fans into the start of 2019 as he pieced together a new album.

Wait, There’s More

Eazy made sure to jump online and plug the series. He also revealed fans could look forward to nearly 30 full episodes giving everyone a behind the scenes look into his life.

“While everybody’s inside quarantining, decided to drop the 1st episode of The Process, my new doc series… now live on @youtube, new episodes every MWF at 3pm PST hella hyped to share all these with you. 25 episodes behind the scenes of the whole last year of my life”

Before You Go

G has kept fans updated on his state of mind these past few days. The rap entertainer has admitted the current isolation has low-key had a big impact on him.

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All dressed up with nowhere to go 😷

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