West Coast rapper G-Eazy knows he took an L last week but is determined to bounce back. The hip-hop star has issued a statement on his headline-generating Sweden arrest.

Last night, Eazy took to Instagram to come clean on his bust and spread positive vibes.

A few days ago, details emerged on how G avoided doing any real jail time for his arrest.

Avoiding jail time, the 28-year-old was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay 80,000 krona (about $9,000) for his crimes, as well as 6,500 krona (about $810) restitution to the security guard he was accused of assaulting, a courtroom source previously confirmed to PEOPLE. (People)

Last week, reports claimed a persistent fan frustrated Eazy after multiple photo requests.

Our sources say about 5 minutes later, the fan returned and started taking photos anyway, so G-Eazy’s crew confronted him … and a member of G-Eazy’s crew grabbed the guy’s phone and smashed it. We’re told the fan flipped out, shoved the crew member and it snowballed into a full melee. During the brawl, G-Eazy allegedly punched one of the club’s hired muscle, and that was enough for cops to swoop in, cuff G-Eazy and haul him off to jail. (TMZ)

Back in late March, G-Eazy allegedly used an XXL Magazine cover to get out of an airport security jam.