After years out of the spotlight, Harlem, New York rapper G-Dep has resurfaced to speak on his comeback to hip-hop and his status on Bad Boy Records.

In a video by Digital Hustle Films, the “Special Delivery” rhyme slinger revealed where he stands with hip-hop mogul Diddy and the Bad Boy label which has since added new acts like Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Boyz N da Hood and Elephant Man.

"Right now, the situation over there is like, you know, if you not in motion, you in slow motion. So slow motion is better than none. So right now we’re on our grind," Dep said. "We gonna try to get our situation going on and then, you know, we just gonna keep it pushing, you know?"

While rumors of drug addiction plagued the rapper, the most recent cause for Dep’s distance with the famed label is a January 2007 arrest after he broke a display model mobile phone at a T-Mobile Manhattan store. The act landed him a month behind bars at Rikers Island.

Despite his troubled past, the rapper says he is prepared to drop an album in the near future.

“We got the whole album we working on,” he said. “We got Ron Browz on it. Needlez, you know what I’m saying. We got some joints by [Dame] Grease. We tried to holla at [DJ Premier] to make it a full package.”

Dep also weighed in on the surge of rappers coming from his area of New York.

"The caliber of emcees in Harlem is ridiculous, man," he added. "Now that cats are really expressing [themselves] and putting life in the art is just crazy, you know what I’m saying? It’s like a whole ‘nother vibe that a lot of the hip-hop ain’t really in-tune with, as far as underground—and with the gutter is talking about. We all from the gutter, so it’s like now you’re just getting different spectrum of Harlem, so it’s a beautiful thing."

There is no release date or title for Dep’s upcoming album set yet.