Atlanta rapper Future wanted nothing to do with a pre-Grammys party. New reports have emerged about the hip-hop heavyweight going ghost at Clive Davis‘ event at the last minute.

According to reports, Future bailed on the event and sparked speculation about his absence having something to do with ex-fiancée Ciara being in attendance.

Eyewitnesses at Clive’s Beverly Hilton bash Saturday night — which was a who’s who of Hollywood event ahead of Sunday’s award show — tell us Future was booked to perform, but hightailed it when his team realized his ex-fiancee and her new hubby were in the front row. Our sources — who were present during the exchange — say someone in Future’s camp accused the event organizers of being “messy” by having Ciara and Russ there, and said their guy wouldn’t perform. We’re told Future was briefed about it outside, and then dipped. (TMZ)

However, some reports claim Future might have pulled the plug on showing up due to a behind the scenes incident.

Our Future sources say the show was behind schedule by nearly an hour, and he and his team were instructed to shorten his performance significantly, which, we’re told, Future wasn’t down with. We’re told he had no idea Ciara or Russ was there. (TMZ)

In a recent interview, Future suggested CiCi has her husband and NFL star Russell Wilson on a leash.

“He do exactly what she tell him to do. I feel like, I don’t have no feeling toward him. He not being a man in that position. He not being a man at that point. He not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’ If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her exes’ names up. I don’t care what they gave you, don’t say nothing. Don’t give that sh*t no energy.” (Apple Music)