Future Announces Launch Of His Own Management Company

Written By Deaundre Barnes

New Year, New Venture

Future is officially looking to diversify his portfolio. The rapper, known for hits like "Mask Off" and "Life Is Good," is taking his entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level as he announced the upcoming launch of his own management company. 

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Future’s Exciting Announcement

On Jan. 2, Future surprised fans by sharing his plans to establish his management company on Twitter (X). 

With no details about the name or signed artists yet, the “Where Ya At?” artist expressed his gratitude to everyone who has been part of his career thus far, hinting at more to come:

“Very grateful for everyone who has played some type of role in my career up to this point…more to come”

While the HNDRXX rapper has yet to disclose any specific details about the company, the announcement has sparked curiosity and excitement among his loyal fan base. Many eagerly await how the rapper will utilize his industry knowledge and connections to nurture emerging talent.

The Trio

Coinciding with his management company announcement, Future’s recent collaborations with Metro Boomin and Travis Scott have further piqued fans’ interest. 

The trio has been teasing a joint project, fueling anticipation for a game-changing collaboration in the hip-hop scene. With the “You Da Baddest” rapper’s expertise in both music and business, this partnership could yield innovative and boundary-pushing music.

Online reactions to the “Wait For U” rapper’s announcement have been mixed. Some fans are hoping for news about a forthcoming album, as they eagerly await new music from the chart-topping artist. 

One fan stated, “how about you start your album roll out too.” Others see the management company as a potential opportunity for aspiring artists to gain exposure and reach new heights in their careers. Another fan took to twitter to say, “HIRE ME PLUTO IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN I STUDIED BUSINESS.” One Twitter user even expressed their desire to work for Future, emphasizing their passion for business and admiration for the rapper.

Future Endeavors

With the launch of his management company, the I NEVER LIKED YOU artist is solidifying his position as a multi-faceted artist and thriving entrepreneur. While the details are yet to be unveiled, it’s clear that the rapper is committed to expanding his empire and providing opportunities for others to succeed in the music industry.

This recent announcement follows news of Future’s upcoming appearance at Rolling Loud California 2024. 

The rapper and Metro Boomin are set to replace Lil Uzi Vert, who publicly stated they were not asked to participate in the event. Future’s presence at such a prominent music festival further cements his influence and popularity within the industry.

Kanye Launches ‘Yews’

In unrelated news, Kanye West has made headlines once again with his latest venture. The renowned rapper and producer has developed a new app, cleverly named Yews, which aims to deliver high-quality news content covering diverse topics like politics and entertainment.

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Written by Deaundre Barnes

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