With the spotlight on Atlanta rap stars like 2 Chainz and T.I. these days, SOHH recently chopped it up with DJ Drama over his adopted city’s buzz.

While he acknowledged cemented Atlanta icons like Tip and Young Jeezy, Drama also pointed out what’s in store from local stars.

“It’s dope, it’s exciting as far as all cities and movements go,” Drama told SOHH in reference to Atlanta’s rap newcomers. “It’s good to always see fresh faces and see new artists come and carry the torch from the ones before. Just watching Future and 2 Chainz and Trouble and others keep the city moving is an exciting thing. It’s dope to see [Young] Jeezy and T.I. doing records and working with the new cats and watching Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash make waves in the game and everything. So you know what I mean, just being a deejay, being a part of not only making the music but playing the music and being the medium — I love my position. I’m always prepared to play that role and make sure dope music gets out for the people.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Drama talked to SOHH about landing Hotlanta icons for his “We In This B*tch” collaboration.

“It’s always the people that make the decision [on how good something is], but I definitely knew I had something special,” Drama told SOHH, “and even the way the record came together, you know, it had no other choice but to be special. From me getting the beats from Kane [Beatz], which took about a year, to the idea of the hook coming to me and giving it to Future, with the space that he’s in right now. And then me getting Tip, Jeezy and Luda on one record, what it means to Atlanta and me repping for the city and me making that vision. It definitely is a special record and I’m glad to be a part of it. It’s exciting, especially for what it means to the culture.” (SOHH)

Recently, Atlanta’s Yung Joc spoke on his city focusing more on unity than beefs.

“[Gucci Mane] went at Jeezy’s neck, he went at Tip’s neck, me personally, I ain’t, you know, I’ma keep it one thousand, all the way. Where I come from, when I see Atlanta, we ain’t come up on that. No disrespect — that’s how New York kinda got caught up in the mix that allowed us to take over because they were so busy beefing with each other. That ain’t what my city’s about. Anybody know Joc knows I’m a cool guy. It ain’t too many people who can say they’re beefing with me or beef with me.” (“The Loud Pack”)

Last spring, New York rap mogul 50 Cent applauded the city’s 2 Chainz and Future.

“[Potentially hot artists?] Definitely 2 Chainz ’cause he’s been around. He’s one of them guys that’s finally having a moment. I remember when he was in Playaz Circle. I know it’s been years and years of work. And the kid Future. He’s got some hits under his belt that ain’t under his name, like that ‘Racks’ joint. I watch. It may seem like I’m doing business in different areas and doing different things, but my passion for music hasn’t changed.” (Shade 45)