Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex continues to put his foot down on radio station rival Charlamagne Tha God by going at him in light of a recent showdown he had with rapper Busta Rhymes in Los Angeles.

Flex took to the airwaves this week to taunt Charlamagne over allegedly getting shook of Busta.

“I’m stepping on your face ’cause you’re cake! Aggressive radio today, New York. Man, I wish you would,” Flex said during his broadcast. “You should of brought your pops with you with the Taser when Busta was running up on you. Bzzzz! South Carolina boys, y’all like free food, that’s why y’all were down there in the first place. Brutal tonight! … You were worried about the goons coming down to see you this morning! You are pumpkin pie, Bozo! Now go back to washing Carmelo Anthony and Lala’s underwear, what you do best, and I will get you some detergent. Yo fam, don’t you ever come up here and front in New York City! You from South Carolina and you soft!” (Hot 97)

Despite the physical altercation hype, Charlamagne denied fight reports yesterday (July 3).

“If you want to talk about me saying your music’s wack in 2012, let’s talk about that,” Char explained. “So he goes, ‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy.’ He turned into the Ra-Ra Dungeon Dragon. ‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy. I said, ‘Bus, you need to stop acting like a tough guy before it gets crazy in here.’ And that’s when he told me ‘Put your drink down.’ Then I put my drink down, got all up in his face and as Angela [Yee] said, it looked like we were about to kiss. But it was nothing. Nobody touched anybody. I didn’t touch him. He didn’t touch me.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

He then played an interview of Bussa Buss backing up his story.

“As a man, if there’s an issue, I’ma approach it and discuss it. And that’s it. I ain’t gonna be out here trying to hype things on these platforms and social networks and act like I’m something that I’m not. I ain’t no gangsta, I ain’t no tough guy, I’m just a man, and I live by certain morals and I live by certain principals and if those get compromised, violated or disrespected in any way, we’re going to have to have a discussion. It’s as simple as that. We had a discussion. I ain’t putting my hands on nobody out here. My kids need that bread. All the time. And I love my family more than everything.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Reports claimed the incident took place at a Sunday (July 1) night music event in Hollywood.

While under the same roof at last night’s Melanie Fiona-hosted party in Los Angeles (an after-party to the 2012 BET Awards), Busta and Charlamagne reportedly got into a heated exchange. According to reports, Busta Rhymes approached Charlamagne and asked about some negative comments that Wendy Williams had said about him several years ago. Interestingly enough, the remarks that Williams made about Busta were stated years before Charlamagne joined Wendy’s radio show in 2006. (Wendy Williams departed from radio altogether in 2009, to pursue her television talk show, The Wendy Williams Experience.) After the confrontation, Charlamagne immediately took to Twitter to express his disgruntled mind state, tweeting, “I don’t f*ck with these industry n*ggas…” (XXL Mag)

Check out Funkmaster Flex’s rant below: