Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex and Damon “Dame” Dash appear to have a rift on their hands after going at one another on Instagram Thursday (June 5). #FunkWars

Flex promised to address his issues with Dame Thursday afternoon.

“Haaaa!! Turn me on @7pm tonite as I introduce @duskopoppington to what 2014 feels like!!! @hot97 n*gga you want it? I’m going to address tonite a little more clear!!!,” Flex wrote June 5. (Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram)

Dame did not waste any time and decided to fire off a few shots at the radio veteran.

“@djfunkflex that was to easy I will be doing combat jack tonight and you are welcome to join @missinfo will be there…lets just keep it smart …remember you are 46 years old and you are defending another man from another culture and you will be influencing a lot of people so be responsible …don’t let your ego end your career… I’m only helping you because your from my culture… Peace black man and bring joi… You have a lot of passion for him…I wonder why” (Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram)

Recently, Flex addressed disses shot at him from 2 Chainz.

“I thought it was cool. I get it,” Funkmaster Flex said. “You know what I mean? I think when people freestyle to me on my show that’s already top tier. So, if you’re asking [for] the worst freestyle in comparison to the greats that was the one for me. You know, maybe if he came a second, third time he’ll give a great freestyle. It was just that day. But I love him. You know what I mean? Artists get into a funny place sometime, but I love him.” (Hot 97)

Footage of Chainz taking a couple jabs at Flex for calling him one of his worst on-air freestyle performers surfaced a few weeks back.

“I don’t give a f-k what Funkmaster Flex gotta say about this n*gga from Atlanta,” Tit said during a concert on Wednesday night. Coincidentally (or, more likely, not), the Def Jam rapper’s response came at the birthday show for DJ Prostyle ? who works at Power 105.1, an NYC rival of Flex’s Hot 97. “I ain’t use no motherf-kin’ help,” he boasted while on stage at the Best Buy Theater. “I ain’t come to no n–a for no favors. I got up here on my own. F-k you and what you think about me, n–a.” (MTV)