Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex is not holding back in his war against rival New York radio station Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” by going directly at hosts DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee Saturday (June 9) night.

Accusing each host of getting robbed on separate occasions, Flex did not hold back on going at each of their necks.

“Yo, you’re taking such a beating out here. All three of y’all are out here getting robbed,” Flex boasted on his Saturday night Hot 97 radio show. “Retweet that! Man, I can’t get that many records on, I’m so hyped. [plays ‘How 2 Rob’] Oh, you thought I was going to play games this week? That’s what you thought? That’s what you thought, right? You thought people were scared of y’all? Summer Jam is going to be what turned your lights off. Three robbery victims, New York. I want you to know that you are witnessing frauds. Okay? These frauds are on the radio and Twitter talking tough but they’re getting robbed, at finger point. I’m just telling you what they’re saying, man.” (Hot 97)

Flex placed extra emphasis on Charlamagne and his South Carolina background.

“You ain’t got stamina like me, buddy,” Flex added. “None of y’all. None of y’all. Now why don’t you guys, Twinkle Toes, that’s what I’m gonna call y’all from now on. Toes. Twinkled. Why don’t you guys get jewelry and your money back? Stop getting toast to the face and stop getting robbed at finger point. … Get Diddy’s hardware out your mouth, because when he got you fired in Philly, you weren’t talking tough. And then when Diddy came to your show up here, you had his [Ciroc] hardware all in your mouth. Holding a Ciroc bottle. You know how crazy you looked? … Brutal today. I’m talking about you like this and your pops because I’m not scared of you, B. You are soft. You are baby bottom, doo doo soft, man. You don’t go to the borroughs, you sneak in and out like a baboon when you’re washing Carmelo Anthony and LaLa underwear. You run out to the laundromat, go back inside, shut up man. Out-of-town, fried chicken-eating, I bet you know all types of chicken, right? Lemon chicken. Soy chicken. One of those types of dudes, right? You’re soft. You’re cakes, man. Epic show tonight. The art of getting robbed. You guys are getting robbed.” (Hot 97)

Earlier in the week, the animated radio veteran lashed out at Charlamagne for labeling him “Donkey of the Day” on the “Breakfast Club.”


Holding no prisoners, Flex even got Charlamagne’s father involved in the feud.

The father of Power 105.1 DJ Charlamagne Tha God was arrested after allegedly using an illegal Taser in a fight with other fans during the Dallas Cowboys-New York Jets game Sunday night, cops say. Leroy McKelvey of Moncks Corner, S.C., reportedly a diehard Cowboys fan, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault and two weapons counts after the tussle with three other people, including a marine, police say. The New York Daily News reports that Charlamange Tha God, who also attended the game but did not sit with McKelvey, defended his father’s actions, saying, “He got jumped by Jets fans when the Cowboys were leading by two touchdowns, so he was just defending himself. He shouldn’t have had a Taser on him. But I really feel he took a risk because he felt threatened.” (In Flex We Trust)

Check out Funkmaster Flex’s rant below: