New York radio veteran Funk Flex is having way too much fun on social media. The outspoken hip-hop personality hit up Instagram this week to poke fun at Cardi B‘s drugging and robbing revelations.

Flex hit up IG Wednesday and didn’t hold back kicking jokes aimed at Cardi.

A few hours ago, B’s husband Offset showed her support amid social media bashings.

This week, more throwback footage emerged of how Cardi used a transgender person to get revenge on a man.

“Cheat on me? I be like, ‘Aight.’ I’ma take him out, we’re gonna get drunk. I’m gonna get him all perc’d up and everything. We’re gonna have a good time. Get him super twisted. Then bring a b*tch around, we gonna have a threesome and when he wakes up he’s gonna be like, ‘What the f*ck?’ Because the b*tch was a tranny. I’m gonna be like, ‘Yup. We had a threesome with a tranny. Yup. A tranny sucked your d*ck.’ You don’t have to f*ck another n*gga to get even. There’s other ways to get even.”

Yesterday, Cardi went to Instagram Tuesday and kept things 100 on her statements and past mistakes.