New York radio personality Funk Flex is loving the J. Cole and Lil Pump feud rumors. The hip-hop veteran has reacted to Cole allegedly firing shots at the rap rookie on his new “1985” banger.

Flex went to Instagram this weekend to celebrate Cole’s hard lyrics and suggested the bars have shook up Pumper.

This week, speculation developed about Cole using his final KOD song to get at Pump and possibly rap newcomer Smokepurpp.

“I heard one of em’ diss me, I’m surprised/I ain’t trippin’, listen good to my reply/Come here lil’ man, let me talk with ya’/See if I can paint for you the larger picture … I must say, by your songs I’m unimpressed, hey/But I love to see a Black man get paid/And plus, you havin’ fun and I respect that/But have you ever thought about your impact?/These white kids love that you don’t give a f*ck/‘Cause that’s exactly what’s expected when your skin black” (“1985”)

Lil Pump has appeared to already respond to Cole by clowning him for going after a teenager.

Last year, Lil Pump fired a direct shot at Cole by previewing an alleged diss song.

Both artists have tweeted negative things about Cole in the past, but Pump took it to the next level by previewing a J. Cole diss track in April 2017. It featured bars like “F*ck J. Cole,” “You is a b*tch a** n*gga,” and “You is an ugly a** n*gga,” although he never released it in full. (Genius)