Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill won’t be doing anything near three months behind bars according to her Fugees group member Pras who believes the R&B star will be home in no time.

In Pras’ perspective, Hill will likely avoid having to serve a full three month term when she reports to prison in the near future.

“I don’t know about that,” Pras said when asked about plans of a possible Fugees reunion. “Nah, I haven’t spoken to her. But I did leave a call for her. You know, if she gets back to me, you know. I just wanted to reach out to her and be like, ‘Whatever you need, I got your back.’ I doubt she’ll do three months, thought. Nah. Listen, if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t do any time, why would she do time? You feel me? [How are things with me?] Everything’s great. Great. Yeah, you know, I’m good. You know what? I ain’t got no tax problems, that’s what it’s all about. You gotta stay away from that.” (TMZ)

Prior to Lauryn receiving her sentence, Fugees head Wyclef Jean addressed her publicized tax case.

Ms. Hill has been facing serious tax trouble, but on April 26, Lauryn announced that via her Tumblr that she signed a new deal with Sony that will allow her to pay her tax debt. “I wish her the best, I think she’s going to have a great album,” Wyclef said on Wednesday (May 1) when he appeared on “RapFix Live.” ‘Clef says he’s able to relate. In 2010, he was hit with a $2.5 million tax lien. “You’re going to have ups and downs and in the industry,” he said. The multiplatinum rapper/producer, who just dropped his April Showers mixtape, offered a bit of advice for his one-time music partner and lover. “What I learned in the industry is just make sure that you surround yourself with the best people. Not people that’s just gonna tell you what you want to hear, but people that’s going to tell you the truth,” he said suggesting that somewhere down the road that Lauryn took some bad business advice. “You develop a God complex. Trust me when I tell you that.” (MTV)

A few days ago, she penned an open letter thanking supporters like Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and more for writing letters to a judge in light of the case.

“I want to extend a sincere thank you to the following people, who wrote letters to the judge on my behalf: Linda Banks, Edison, NJ Davonne Breedlove Binna Choi, Beijing, China Hafiz Farid, East Orange, NJ Miriam Anne Banks Farrakhan, Union, NJ Vincent Gardner, New York, NY Michael Green, Fair Bluff, NC Elitta Harden, Ft Worth, TX Mrs. Valarie Hill, South Orange, NJ Maureen Hogan, Jersey City, NJ Walter Jones, New York, NY Alicia Keys Elena Lau, Toronto, Canada Jerald Miller, New York, NY Tracy Morris, Jacksonville Beach, FL Elise Munoz, France Bunmi Olukoya, Laurel, MD Jimmie Pierre, Trenton, NJ Cherisse Pittman Gabrielle Fulton Ponder, Atlanta, GA Dominique Reese, Oakland, CA Chris Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA Ashley Scott, Brooklyn, NY Derek Singletary, Astoria, NY Dr. Sara Tai, Manchester, UK Suzette Williams, Teaneck, NJ Lisa Willis, Philadelphia, PA Stevie Wonder Jonathan Wunderlich, Cabarete, DR” (Lauryn Hill’s Tumblr)

Despite the strong backing, Lauryn still received three months in prison and home confinement a week ago.

Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill was sentenced Monday in New Jersey to 3 months in prison on federal tax charges. Hill pleaded guilty last year to not paying federal taxes on $1.8 million earned from 2005 to 2007. A judge two weeks ago said Hill had paid only about $50,000 of more than $500,000 she owes. She faced up to a year in prison on each of three counts. Her attorney was seeking probation for her. (ABC Local)

Check out Pras’ interview: