Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana recently talked about his support for longtime jailed friend Max B and delved into how much he wants to work with him again.

Despite collaborating with rap stars like Nas and Jeezy, French is still awaiting the Wave God’s return.

Although Montana’s résumé is stacked with collaborations alongside a wide range of artists, nothing would mean more to him than to reunite with his incarcerated friend Max B for another collaboration. “All I really want is Max to come out so I can work with him,” he says. “Me and Jeezy just did something. Me and Jay did something. Me and Nas — that worked out right. Unless you talkin’ about some country music [collaborations] or something. [Laughs]” (Billboard)

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Last month, Dipset’s Cam’ron talked about his relationship with Max.

“I’m from the building where the wave was invented. Downstairs, under me. Ask Bigavel. Y’all call him Bigavel, Max B. I know him as Charlie Rambo. I’m from the building where the wave was invented and it was invented after I was born. No disrespect to Bigavel cause that’s my brother. That’s my little brother. I just spoke to Max motherf*cking two weeks ago. That’s my brother. Max’ll tell you though. I’ve been outside. I’m from the building where the wave was invented!” (Masar TV)

Back in March, rap star Kanye West pleaded with fans to help get Max out of jail.

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A few weeks ago, French confirmed plans to work with Yeezy to free Max.

“We working on something. I want to keep it under the wraps until we put it together. We definitely been on the phone damn near every day trying to put something together for my boy.” (“The Breakfast Club”)