New York rapper French Montana is “this” much closer to reuniting with his fellow Wave God. The hip-hop star has shared a huge update on jailed friend Max B.

Montana went to Instagram Wednesday (January 31) with a Max pic and promise to see him released before 2019 arrives.

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Last summer, French Montana hyped up anticipation for his Max B and The Weeknd collabo “A Lie.”

“It’s me, The Weeknd and Max B. Yeah, it’s my second joint. It’s called “Allah.” It’s about the wave, the wave culture. Yeah, so we got me, Max B and The Weeknd and Harry Fraud on the beat. I have this thing with Max B, it’s like my favorite song he ever did that we never put out then I played it for [Weeknd] and I knew he was going to say you cannot drop this without my vocals and he did it. I did my vocals and it’s a smash. We shooting the video tomorrow and it’s dropping really, really soon. Harry Fraud on the beat. It’s like the dream combo for every wave fan. Everybody who follows the wave, it’s like a dream combo. Me, Max B and Harry Fraud and The Weeknd. You ever heard Phil Jackson and the triangle offense? Fantastic Five.” (MTV News)

A few days prior, French hinted at something going down at the annual Hot 97 Summer Jam concert with Max B.

Back in April, French reflected on his long relationship with Max.

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