New York rapper French Montana is hoping for the best. The hip-hop star went online this week to acknowledge the growing number of coronavirus cases going down in the Big Apple.

Big Facts

On Thursday, Montana hit up Instagram to speak his mind. French shared a pic of himself donning a medical mask and wrote a caption aimed at New Yorkers dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.


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High-Key Details

According to reports, nearly 400 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19. The entire state has almost 40,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.

The coronavirus has killed 385 New Yorkers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday — with a startling leap of 100 fatalities in the span of just 24 hours. That staggering toll represents a triple-digit hike from the 285 cases Cuomo reported on Wednesday, among 37,258 confirmed cases now tallied statewide. “This is the really bad news,” said Cuomo in his now-daily Albany press briefing. “That’s the worst news you can have.” (New York Post)

Wait, There’s More

This week, rap star Cardi B went to Instagram to unleash a must-see coronavirus-related rant. She explained why President Donald Trump‘s recent urging for people not to get tested doesn’t seem apply to celebs.

“This is a long a** motherf*cking video, let y’all motherf**kers know. I get on my Live sometimes and be talking on crazy s**t, entertaining my fans, and people might just take what I say and run with it and say what the f**k it is. And I really want to let these celebrities really know that there’s confusion that the general public has and the questions the general public has because as number 45 is getting on a podium and saying ‘Hey listen, if you don’t have symptoms of the coronavirus, which is coughing, fever, whatsoever. Do not get tested because we don’t have enough tests to test everybody.’ But if a celebrity is saying ‘Hey, listen I don’t have no symptoms, I feel good, healthy, I don’t feel like nothing, but I went and got tested and I’m positive for the coronavirus,’ that’s causing some confusion. That’s making people be like ‘Woah, wait a minute now. I don’t have no symptoms but I know I went out’, they should think ‘I might just have it. I’m scared because I’m around my kid, my grandparent. What should I do?’

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I said what I said

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Before You Go

Cardi B also explained how there is a distinct divide between the celebrities and middle/lower classes. B narrowed in on the treatment people are receiving based on their age groups.

“Let me tell you something. The general public, people that work regular jobs, people that get regular paychecks, the middle class, the, you know, poor, they not getting treated unlike the, you know, ones up here, celebrities and everything. They not getting their coronavirus results. The coronavirus is very much real. First things first, let me tell you something. If you’re under 30, right, if you’re under 30, I know somebody under 30 who has a cold. If your cold is not for 8 days, you can’t get tested. So you gotta be sick for 8 days if you under 30 so you can be legible for getting a f**king coronavirus test. Now if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, they going to test you right away, however, the test results will come in four days. Let me tell you something.”