Bad Boy Entertainment’s French Montana has provided some more updates on jailed rap pal Max B. This week, the New York native dished on the Wave God’s pending return.

According to Montana, he doesn’t expect Max to spend more than six years behind bars.

“He took a plea deal, you know, those numbers were crazy they gave him 75 years because he blew trial. So he took the plea deal and they knocked down the years from 75 to 20. But he already got almost 10 years in. Yeah, time flies by fast. Almost 10. What they’re saying is, on black and white, is he can come home in as early as 2 years. But if he f*ck it up in there, then he could do up to 6. I’ve been up to see him. Plenty of times. This is the greatest news you could tell somebody.” (Hot 97)

Last week, French showed off rap star Drake’s support for Max.

A few days prior, Dipset leader Cam’ron reacted to buzz about Max B receiving a reduction in his 75-year jail term.


According to the latest reports, a judge reduced Max’s original 75-year jail sentence to 20 in a New Jersey courtroom.

Citing a conflict of interest on the part of one of Max B’s former defense attorneys, a state Superior Court judge earlier this summer vacated the prior convictions against the rapper, whose given name is Charly Wingate, and allowed him to plead guilty to one count of aggravated manslaughter. Then, on Friday, Superior Court Judge James J. Guida sentenced Wingate to 20 years. Based on time served, he could be out of prison as soon as 2025. (North Jersey)