Bad Boy’s French Montana is all about rap game unity. The hip-hop stud recently talked about pushing for collaborations.

In a new PAPER Magazine interview, French did not hold back on giving his thoughts about collabos.

“Who sits there thinking about weird sh*t like [going platinum with no features]?” he says, incredulous. “Those people who put albums out by themselves are weirdos. Music is about having fun. If I’m chilling with A$AP Rocky, or chilling with Drake or The Weeknd and we record, and then I have to say, ‘Look here, bro, I’m thinking about dropping this album just by myself.’ Artists would stop f*cking with you.” (PAPER Mag)

In early August, French talked about having high-profile romances with celebrities like Khloé Kardashian.

“Someone who’s always in the spotlight I feel like it takes the focus from what you do. When I have my experiences it always overshadows my music. Make sure that you in it for the right reasons. It’s like you on a boat. The moment you let the water in it’s like the outside world. You just want to be on your boat and enjoy your vibe when you are with someone.” (Page Six)

Last month, Montana made social media sizzle courtesy of a steamy Instagram pic featuring an unknown curvy woman.

Recently, hip-hop model Blac Chyna showed Montana’s new Jungle Rules album some support.