Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana is making sure to show fans he does not forget his humble beginnings by shining some light onto his locked up best friend Max B with the release of their “Once In a While” music video.

Despite Max serving time on a murder conviction, Montana managed to feature him in the Excuse My French visual.

French Montana kicks back and reflects on his journey in the video to “Once In a While,” the thumping opener to his debut album, Excuse My French. With cameo appearances from Drake, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Diddy and, of course, Max B, who provides the opening interlude, the Eif Rivera-directed clip compiles footage from live shows, backstage parties and video shoots into a visual recap of the Coke Boys general’s whirlwind year. (Miss Info TV)

Earlier this year, Montana discussed his close-knit relationship with the locked up hip-hop artist

He remembers that his life could have ended up very differently. “My best friend (rapper Max B) is serving 75 years in prison,” he says. “Only one of us made it. I think about all this when I make music, of all the sacrifices made. Nothing is just going to come to you, you have to make it happen.” He also survived a gunshot wound to the head, a shooting that occurred en route to a Bronx studio. “I try not to bring that memory back. I’m glad I made it through that time, but, yeah, that experience was part of the album.” (USA Today)

Despite the possibility of spending the rest of his life in the penal system, Max said he kept in contact with his kids and hoped to be out sooner than later last summer.

“They too young to really understand the logistics. I just tell ’em that I love ’em. “Daddy was bad, Daddy got in trouble. That’s why you need to be good and listen to grandma, before you be in here like me. You won’t be with me, you’ll be like me.” They real little, they tiny. Them years are not to come yet. Hopefully I can be back in the mix before they get to that age.” (Complex)

He also talked about the struggle between being Charley Wingate and his rap persona Max B.

“[Sighs.] Man, I don’t even know…it’s been a long time,” Max added when asked how long its been since he’s been himself. “Been years. This character is not letting me go. And I want to let it go. Maybe it’s a fear, right? Like something you’re letting go, but you’re actually not letting anything go.” (Complex)

Last fall, reports surfaced claiming four million signatures could help get Max out of the slammer.

Max B’s goal is to obtain four million signatures in his effort to be freed from prison. “We trying to get the petition on ‘Pardon The Wave’ signed,” Max B told “We trying to go at the governor; we trying to go at the president. To the people that’s not signing the petition and screaming ‘Free Max B,’ that’s not wavy. Do the right thing; sign the petition.” After three years, Max B says he is in good spirits, and keeping his mind positive after having his first appeal denied. He said he looks at it like the ‘first battle in the war.’ “Right now, I’m on post convictions. I’m still early in my appeal stages,” Max B explained. “This next appeal could take anywhere from 18 months…it could drag out for 10 years if I’m not on my game. But if I got the support I need, and everyone [does] what they’re supposed to do, I’m trying to get right back to court in the next 18 months to two years. (All Hip Hop)

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