French Montana On Kanye West Epic Words: “Kanye Be Having Powerful Malcolm X Speeches”

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Bad Boy‘s French Montana recently talked about his relationships with music stars Kanye West and DJ Khaled. The New York rapper dished on how much of a powerful impact the duo’s speeches have on him.

In a new interview, Montana gushed over how much energy Khaled and Yeezy have.

“They both special, man. Powerful speeches from both. They energy is just special, and that’s why they do special things,” Montana said referring to Ye and Khaled. “Just the other day, [Kanye] was telling me we’re the new Abu Dhabi. [Laughs.] Kanye be having powerful Malcolm X speeches. He’s been like a big brother to me, helping me throughout my whole career. Same thing for Khaled; he put me on my first feature with Jay Z, on “They Don’t Love You No More.”” (Complex)

A few days ago, reports claimed digital giant iTunes yanked Montana’s MC4 album off its pre-order page.

The case of French Montana’s MC4 continues to grow stranger as the album preorder has suddenly vanished from iTunes. The rapper’s latest project has suffered a number of push backs, with French saying back in August, “Due to some sample clearances that are still being worked out, I have to move the album release date.” (XXL Mag)

In August, mega retailer Target prematurely released French’s new album.

I went to a Target to purchase Tory Lanez‘ new album I Told You and sitting right next to the album was MC4. I went to the self-checkout and had to receive customer assistance. The employee that came to fix the issue knew the album was pushed back and didn’t allow me to purchase it. After the fact, I contacted another Target employee that I know and he revealed that it is possible to purchase the album despite the pushback. It just depends on the employee you are dealing with. (Fashionably Early)

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  1. Them fools can’t be compared to Malcolm X…French must be high, get off the nuts..Kanye is all ego..


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