Bad Boy Records’ French Montana recently talked about his upcoming Mac & Cheese album and explained why touchy topics like the Baltimore protests don’t always appear in his raps.

According to French, he intentionally avoids overly sensitive subjects in his music so listeners aren’t offended.

“I definitely like to include stuff like [the Baltimore protests] in my music but this [Mac & Cheese] is like my first [project] dropping in a while. I definitely want to do stuff like that. I just don’t like to get too political, [and] say the wrong thing and offend people. I feel like you have to fight that stuff with more than music. We can start by helping each other be successful. That’s where I come from: giving back, inspiring younger artists, doing the best I can, and making sure my family’s straight.” (Billboard)

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Reality television star Khloé Kardashian showed off a reunion picture alongside French via Instagram back in March.

Intimate details of their outing suggested the rumored couple were hanging out at rap mogul Diddy‘s home.

French Montana may have violated the laws of the Sea-Doo Saturday … because it sure looks like he’s drinking on the watercraft. French was traversing the area around Diddy’s house, drinking from a Ciroc vodka bottle and looking like a spokesmodel. The photog who shot the pics says the Sea-Doo is owned by Diddy, who BTW also owns Ciroc. (TMZ)

Despite the full-fledged coverage of his personal life, Montana said he kept his Khloé relationship under wraps back in January.

“What I learned about relationships on this side is that they last longer when nobody knows your business. When nobody knows what’s going on, it lasts longer… I’m very private when it comes to me and Khloe. Khloe is an amazing person, one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life.” (XXL Mag)