[In celebration of the NFL season beginning this week, SOHH is kicking things off with your favorite rappers boasting about their top teams. Today, State Property’s Freeway reveals his relationship with hometown wide receiver DeSean Jackson and what’s in store for his Philadelphia Eagles this season.]

Me and DeSean Jackson got a song called “Bounce” and it’s crazy. He really went in on it. He’s got his own record label called Jackpot. It’s all about entertainment and he’s a good friend of mine.

DeSean Jackson is definitely a good lyricist. A lot of people will be suprised because a lot of them think of him as [only] an athlete but he’s really got bars.

I’m feeling good about my Philadelphia Eagles. It was a little shaky with the first preseason game. It was looking a little shaky at the beginning but they pulled it out. The new players they’ve got look like they’re definitely going to get it in.

They’re going to really get it in this season and I’m really looking forward to it.

The back-up quarterback is official like an official’s whistle. He’s bad. I’m looking forward to the season, I’m going to be going to a lot of games, we’re going to get it in.

We’ll see what happens, hopefully we can pull that Super Bowl off this year.

Be sure to check in tomorrow when T.I. and Mike Will Made It talk Mike Vick and Atlanta Falcons football!