Although Cam’ron has refrained from engaging in rap battles these days, Dipet’s Freekey Zekey recently talked to SOHH about Killa being the undisputed Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of  beefs.

Thinking back to Cam’s past battle raps with Nas, Jay-Z and 50 Cent, Zekey said Killa remains undefeated.

“Cam, Jimmy [Jones] and Juelz [Santana] can make a hit song easy,” Freekey told SOHH. “And any battle that Cam came across, he melted whatever the situation was. Way back to the Nas’s, the Jay-Z’s, the 50’s, you know what I’m saying? Even though that’s all old and we’re about getting money now, when that beef wax battle came through, he was up there. He had the grenades, rocket launchers, the parachutes ready. [laughs] You gotta understand, Cam’s got a brain like an elephant. He’ll remember what you wore going all the way back to the third grade in school. You do not want to mess with Killa. Jim is like, man, I call him Jungle Jim. You never know where he’s going, he’s always somewhere with a force. And Juelz is just so strong and powerful that his words could knock the skin off of people. Diplomats, I love my crew and I’m glad we’re all back.” (SOHH)

In 2009, Cam denied the bully perception in past high profile beefs.

“I’m not making up fake, imaginary beefs,” Cam said. “I’m not just jumping out for beef for no reason. When I went at Jay-Z, it was a lot of inside stuff that went on at Roc-A-Fella that we don’t need to go in to…There’s been a lot of times that I been wanting to do something but couldn’t because of Dame [Dash]. The 50 Cent thing, look you dissing, I took it as Jim [Jones] and Diplomats. Whoever else you could think of, Nas. The Nas situation. You got on the radio and said that Cam and [Funkmaster] Flex is ugly and Angie Martinez and N.O.R.E., whoever’s wack. It wasn’t because I attacked any of these people, it’s kinda all on defense, it’s always something that somebody did to me first.” (Miss Info)

A few years ago, Cam went at 50 Cent on his diss song “Curtis.”

“Yep, so have a seat, this ‘gon be a masterpiece,” Cam rapped. “I have to beef, he look like a gorilla, with rabbit teeth/Bugs monkeys, act hard, with a crack god, that mack broads/That video ain’t Queens, it’s your backyard/Curtis, it’s messin with your head bad/You that mad but dag that’s security with red flags/You bangin five shootin rocks and signs my way.” (“Curtis”)

In January, Cam made sure to remind fans his issues with 50 had since dissolved.

“I don’t have no problem with 50. 50 cool with me,” Cam said. “It was good for hip-hop. We had our little hip-hop beef or whatever you wanna call it, but ain’t no problem. Jim [Jones] and Juelz [Santana] do stuff with 50 and they camp all the time. I don’t have a problem with 50 at all. It is what it is. We had our little discrepancy, and we moved on from it.” (RapFix)

Check out Cam’ron previously speaking on his beef with Nas below: