What’s the deal with people wanting to set their favorite rappers doing time free?

Free Keith Murray. Free Yayo. Free Ras Kass. Free Lil Kim. Free Beanie. Free Turk. Free C-Murder. Free Freaky Zeeky. Free Gucci Mayne. Free Cassidy.

If they do the crime, they need to do the time – just like you and me.

So what’s the criteria for people wanting their favorite rapper to get out of free? The ability to spit a few hot 16’s does not warrant freedom.

What is it about black folks [read: negros] who want these lyrical menances to societies roaming the streets? Are we [read: negros] keeping so gully that we don’t want to be safe?

Now, Keith Murray was unjustly locked down but that’s just ONE rapper out of how many that should be doing some time. Don’t front, DMX needs another timeout. But the rappers who are serving time for parole violations because of an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case – such as Pimp C - need a timeout.