Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs recently talked about his music career and explained why he feels critics are not fully respecting his status in the rap game.

In Gibbs’ perspective, he deserves to be mentioned amongst the likes of hip-hop stars J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

“I don’t think that I get put up there with the J. Coles and the Kendrick Lamars and guys of that nature when I definitely think that I’m rapping on they level and definitely higher,” Gibbs said in an interview. “The way that the young guys are playing the game right now, you kind of got to play it — play that to your advantage. And if you can’t play, you kind of gotta get out of the league.” (NPR)

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Gibbs treated fans to some must-see shots and video clips of his newborn daughter in April.

Meet Irie Jane Gibbs. ??????

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I make pretty babies. Lol na all the credit goes to her mama for the looks.. ?

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27 hours of labor I salute u baby love u @watcherica gave me the best gift ever.

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Gibbs broke jaw-dropping news of his engagement to longtime girlfriend Erica Dickerson a month prior.

She ain't say yes. She said "Hell Yeah Nigga". Daughter on the way, Gibbs family started. Thank U Lord.

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