Freddie Gibbs Reacts To Young Thug’s Controversial JAY-Z Comments: “D’F*ck”

Written By Chris Goossens

Freddie Gibbs Can't Believe Young Thug

Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has something to say. The Grammy-nominated rap artist went online to react to Young Thug's recent controversial JAY-Z comments that sparked a whole lot of debates and backlash.

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Freddie Gibbs Reacts To Young Thug’s Comment

Gibbs took to Twitter with his reaction. He dropped a simple message and also laughed at Thugger , who said Hov doesn’t have as high an amount of songs that fans know all the lyrics to, unlike his support base. It’s worth noting Thugger did backtrack and later said JAY has fifty songs that fans could go crazy to.

“D’F*ck 😂”

G Herbo Comes To Young Thug’s Defense

Chicago rapper G Herbo is standing up for Young Thug while the Atlanta rapper is being dragged all over the Internet. Thugger’s jab at Jay has drawn a lot of heat, but Herbo looks to be getting his back. When Young Thug essentially said rap legend JAY-Z doesn’t have as many hit songs to move a crowd as he does, the reaction across social media was fast and furious. G Herbo wasn’t here to pile on against his “100 Sticks” collaborator, instead siding with Thugger, a.k.a. “Slime.”

“Stop playing wit slime”

Young Thug’s Comments About JAY-Z

Young Thug was on Gillie Da King‘s podcast talking about his catalog of, he claims, 30 to 40 songs that everyone knows. Told that not many rappers can match that, YT went a little too far. He quickly walked it back, but that sound byte was already out there.

“N****, Jay-Z ain’t got 30 songs like that, where the whole stadium finna sing.”

YT’s Girlfriend Hints At Domestic Abuse

The rap heavyweight’s publicized girlfriend Jerrika Karlae has come forward seemingly to make abuse accusations and announce her independence. In a now-deleted tweet, Karlae hinted at abuse from Young Thug.

“Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic sh*t. You behind the scenes painting pictures of me, like ima f*cked up individual…when you the devil. … Ppl that go out they way to show other ppls flaws to make themselves look better scare me 😳 … single 2021…” – Jerrika Karlae’s Twitter

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Written by Chris Goossens

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