Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs recently talked about locking in studio time with new boss Young Jeezy and his experience working on their new collaboration, “Stripes”.

Gibbs said their new record was inspired by iconic New York rap group, Run-DMC.

“We definitely talkin’ about the same gangsta topics, but I think that day we were bumpin’ some Run-DMC so we got into that stripe mode,” Gibbs said about the track, which was inspired by the popular 1980s rap group. The record was produced by Lodi, a beatmaker from Memphis who Jeezy has recently took under his wing. “He one of the coldest in the game right now and he’s doin’ a lot of work with CTE and we’re ready to get it in…The main thing, really, was my admiration I had for Jeezy and the respect I had for him…It definitely wasn’t about the money or any of that. I looked at what he does musically and what I do musically and I thought that he could take it to the next level.” (MTV)

Last month, Gibbs opened up about signing with Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment label.

“It feels good,” Freddie told DJ Smallz in an interview. “It’s always good to work with people that you respect and people you have mutual respect for. I bump Jeezy. I think he carved his own lane in the game and that’s what I’m trying to do. And what better way to elevate myself to the next level than doing it with somebody that I admire and respect. The situation with CTE, Jeezy, it felt correct…This is a long process for myself, but, I went with the gut feeling instead of just going with all the impulse and signing with someone just because they’re hot or some sh*t like that. I ain’t wanna be a d*ckrider because I see a lot of that in the game right now. So I just wanted to do things my way.” (“Southern Smoke Radio”)

Details of the new deal hit the Internet in early April.

We reported last Monday that Freddie Gibbs was close to signing with Jeezy’s imprint, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, which is owned by Def Jam. And less than a week’s time, that news has been confirmed. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Gary, Ind. rapper announced his signing to CTE at a concert last night in Chicago. He even brought out Jeezy to, perhaps, make it that much more official. While part of me wants to congratulate Gangsta Gibbs, I’m also extremely nervous. I mean, how long have we been waiting for Jeezy’s latest, TM 103? And does it even have a release date anymore? Time to cross our fingers. (Prefix Mag)

Gibbs also initially confirmed the deal via his Twitter page.

“Rumor is that I’m about to sign with Kanye West.,” he tweeted before breaking the news on April 10th. “CTE OR NOTHIN.” (Freddie Gibbs’ Twitter)

Check out “Stripes” down below: