Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs recently offered his take on R&B singers and said hip-hop artists should not stereotype them just based off of their image.

Initially focusing on R&B veteran R. Kelly, Gibbs went on to break down the toughness of male crooners.

“I don’t doubt that. R. Kelly IS from Chicago. He IS about that issue. Where he comes from, they’re about that life–he ain’t from no suburbs,” Freddie said in an interview. “You know, man, to keep it real, I was just talking to my boy BJ about this sh*t–a lot of motherf*ckers thinking that just because a n*gga sings don’t mean he can’t whip your a**. You don’t think these n*ggas didn’t f*ck some n*ggas up back in the day? These R&B n*ggas will whoop your a**. Just cuz you rappin’ don’t mean you can’t get your a** beat. A man is a man is a motherf*cking man; square up, If you match up a n*gga, you fight him. The n*gga you can’t match up with, you shoot that motherf*cker. That’s how I see it, that’s how I survive.” (Noisey)

Back in 2010, UGK’s Bun B talked about singer Chris Brown‘s muscular build.

“Let me tell you, he’s not a little dude. Chris is 6’2′. And he’s very athletic and once they would have put him through the ringers and taught him some of those moves…and he’s quick as sh*t too. I’m saying this because I know the kid. I’m telling you, he would have killed this [Last Dragon remake] movie. I was never scared of ‘Taimak.’ [Laughs] I thought he could do karate but…” (Hip Hop DX)

Over the summer, Chris Breezy said he would take up an offer to box fellow singer/rapper Drake for $1 million.

We hope Drake has been hitting the gym because Chris Brown has accepted an offer to fight the Canadian rapper, RumorFix is the first to report. One of our photographers caught up with Brown on Wednesday morning when he was asked if he would accept boxing promoter Damon Feldman‘s offer to square off in the ring against his nemesis. Brown did not hesistate for a moment when he shot back, “Yeah, I would. I would.” Feldman and wealthy entrepreneur Alki David say they will pay the winner of the fight $9 million, and the loser, a cool $1 million. Until now, both rappers had remained mum about the offer but Brown broke his silence this week with our cameras rolling. (RumorFix)

A few months ago, R. Kelly said R&B artists need to fall back from beefing with one another.

“I feel there’s a lot of talented guys out there when it comes to R&B, and what I urge guys out there to do, that’s coming up under me, [aiming for] longevity, is to stay away from beef,” R. Kelly told MTV News. “Stay away from beef, stay true and respectful to music and to the ones that inspired you to do what you do.” “I think that’s going to be the key to having longevity and it’s also going to be the key to keeping R&B alive,” Kelly said of avoiding conflict between singers. “You don’t want R&B singers to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers, let them do that — R&B, be classy. That’s for the ladies and having babies and having fun.” (MTV)