Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs recently talked about his issues toward former business partner Jeezy and explained why he is not losing sleep over people taking offense to the anti-Snowman remarks.

While Gangsta Gibbs acknowledged the dangers of isolating himself from potential fans, he did give props to his already loyal fans.

“The only thing is when you speak your mind, it makes people scared of you. People don’t want to f*ck with you. I don’t really give a f*ck about that either. I’m at the point where I’ve established a fanbase and I’ve got a good amount of people that will support me regardless. That’s what this whole thing is built off of, me being me. I won’t say nothing ignorant. I’m an educated individual. N*ggas might say I’m the Richard Sherman of the rap game. I’m top five dead or alive.” (VIBE)

Recently, Freddie admitted he wanted Jeezy to man up and issue an apology over doing him dirty in the past.

“I’ll beat his a** in my church shoes,” Gibbs says, but he’s half joking. “If he just apologized it’d be all over with. It’s not that deep.”) “That’s one of the only mistakes of my career,” he says about his signing to CTE. “I loved Jeezy so much, diehard fan. I looked at the musical possibilities–if we were together, d*mn, we would make such great music. (Noisey)

Gibbs also recently said he would continue name-dropping the “Snowman” until Jeezy spoke out.

“Of course he don’t know what he doing. Hell nah, he don’t know what the f*ck he doing. And I’mma stay on his punk a** till he say something about it. I’mma keep drilling his punk a** into the ground. … I don’t just got people around me sucking my d*ck. That’s his problem, too many f*cking yes-men, not telling you the real. I made mine in this game.” (Grantland)

Gibbs unleashed an anti-Jeezy record to the masses earlier this month.

Today, Gibbs shares the studio cut of the track with fans, and the so-called ‘snowman killa’ proves he is out for blood. Showcasing his wordplay on the first verse before cutting to the chase on the second, “Real” is – if nothing else – another strong entry in Gibbs’ record collection. It may be hard to think about that when you’re laughing and gasping at the shade thrown toward Jeezy on the back half of the track, but even when he’s being vicious Gibbs is still a pro at crafting memorable singles. (Under The Gun Review)