Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs is not ready to release mounted issues with former boss Young Jeezy and has further explained where the root of his problems with the “Snowman” stems from.

According to Gibbs, Jeezy lied to him about their past business arrangement.

“It was him saying one thing and it not being it,” he says during the interview. “I don’t have no personal problem or anything of that nature because I didn’t deal with him on a personal level. We was together a lot, but we was never really cool like that. It just came down to a person lying to you and f*ckin’ with your family and future and how your family eat. So when a person tells you that you are signed to this label and that’s not the case, then then that’s a lie. Jeezy out his mouth told me that I had a deal with Epic and I was ready to go full throttle with this sh*t, but that wasn’t the case. He lied. He made me look stupid. I just got tired of playin’ the fool and I’m not just one of them guys that’s happy to be around you. I got my own brand and my own fan base.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)

A few weeks ago, Freddie admitted he cannot co-sign Jeezy or Dipset member Jim Jones‘ current Vampire Life movement.

“Rap needs a couple diss raps,” Gibbs said in an interview. “Rap’s too nice right now. I just think it’s got to be a couple jabs and I just think a lot of stuff, a lot of things the rap game and streets let slide like all the fake gang banging — it’s just too much for me. I have to speak on it. Jim Jones, I meant you too with all that fake gang banging. I see Jim Jones throwing up the vampire sh*t. I ain’t with that sh*t, man. It’s just a lot of sh*t that’s got to be checked.” (“Closed Sessions”)

Gibbs recently came clean on publicly blasting former boss Young Jeezy.

“I started seein’ the fake and the empty promises and all of that stuff and I just didn’t wanna be around that no more,” he said. “It’s tough meetin’ your heroes sometimes and kickin’ with them because when they take that cape off, boy o’ boy under that cape, sometimes it’s some scary lil’ boy hidin’ under that cape. … Yeah, death threats. Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper’s a fraud. It ain’t my fault.” (MTV)

Gibbs raised eyebrows last month when asked about Jeezy’s support during his run at CTE.

“F*ck no. Anything he tells you, it’s going to be fake. I am going to give you the real. He gonna give you the sugarcoated version. That’s the difference between me and him. He gonna give you the sugarcoated sh*t, I am going to give you the real. At first, when that whole split happened, I was being political about it. I was thinking, ‘Man, I don’t want to f*ck up my relationship.’ But f*ck that sh*t, my n*gga. I’m feeding the whole city. That n*gga don’t do sh*t for me. I am going to point a n*gga out when he bogus and he was bogus for not owing up to his business relationship and doing what he was supposed to do business-wise. Like I said, I never needed the n*gga to do nothing for me, but do what you said what you were gonna do. You don’t hold true to your word, I don’t respect you. So I don’t respect no n*gga that don’t hold true to his word. All that sh*t you rapping; I don’t respect none of that sh*t.” (XXL Mag)