Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has broken his silence after footage of him taunting Lil B over his I’m Gay album title heated up the Internet last week.

While he does not have a problem with B personally, Gibbs said his issues with the rapper’s album title remain in tact.

“Let me set the record straight, period, — I don’t have no issue with any rappers,” Gibbs promised in an interview. “Because, at the end of the day, this is rap, you know? With me, as a fan, a critic, I got the right to say my opinion…I don’t got anything against what Lil B or anybody is doing. You a black man, and you out here generating capital, generating money for your family. I’m all for it. That you’re delivering a message that I don’t agree with, I’m definitely gonna say that…If I don’t say nothing — everybody gonna co-sign something they don’t agree with deep down…I’m not gonna beat him up when I see him.” (Billboard)

Gibbs’ Brooklyn, New York concert footage hit the Internet late last week.

“No f*ck sh*t. This ain’t no Lil B Based God or no f*cking f*ggot sh*t like that up here,” Freddie told fans at a Southpaw Brooklyn show April 27th. “What the f*ck you thought this was? N*gga this is real rap. N*gga. Based God get the f*ck outta here n*gga.” (YouTube)

Following the show, Freddie hopped on Twitter to tell fans he is not actively involved in any rap disputes.

“I don’t have beef wit nobody, I just have an opinion, and ain’t none of y’all keyboard gangstaz gon approach me about it in person. Thanks.,” he tweeted Thursday (April 28). (Freddie Gibbs’ Twitter)

Prior to the concert, Gibbs weighed in on the I’m Gay album title.

“[The] Lil B sh*t was funny at first but now I feel like it’s just a bunch of white people laughing at a n*gga, like a minstrel show. Sh*t is wack. I ain’t dissin’ gays, if you gay that’s yo biz.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Freddie Gibbs’ interview below: