Incendiary spitter Freddie Gibbs and Shady Records’ Cashis have turned a few heads this week after publicly going at one another on Twitter.

Cashis struck first by labeling Gibbs as a “fraud” for previously dissing Lil Wayne and later showing support for Weezy in Young Jeezy‘s “Ballin'” music video.

“@FreddieGibbs what up busta…how u diss wayne and be in his video with jeezy? Ur a fraud.. Lol…Take the high road. Ima run u out the game,” Cashis tweeted July 5th. (Cashis’ Twitter)

Gibbs responded to Cashis by challenging him to an in-person meeting.

“@TheRealCashis N*gga suck my d*ck, get off twitter and find a job so you can feed them 15 kids. U wanna see me come see me I’m out here.,” he tweeted July 5th. (Freddie Gibbs’ Twitter)

Not backing down, Cashis continued to go after Gibbs with multiple jabs.

“@FreddieGibbs come c u? B*tch if u get touched, holice will b at my door… Uz a ho… U want rap beef. So rap beef it is… Fraud,” he tweeted back.

“@FreddieGibbs and keep my kids out ur voca, or this is big n pac 2011… I never spoke on ur seed. I’ll end u b*tch, dont speak on my babies”

“@FreddieGibbs ima make jeezy treat u like a f*cking leper…” (Cashis’ Twitter)

Last month, Gibbs said that despite rumors of a brewing beef, he is on good terms with Lil Wayne.

“I ain’t got no problem with Lil Wayne. Jeezy just did a song with Lil Wayne,” Gibbs promised in an interview. “[Have I run into Wayne?] Yeah because I was in the ‘Ballin’ video. I don’t have no…I love Lil Wayne. I grew up on the Hot Boyz. The sh*t that he do out of the booth, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. And I wasn’t the only person that commented on that. But I ain’t got no issue with that n*gga man, he didn’t do sh*t to me.” (Complex)

Check out a recent Freddie Gibbs interview below: