Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs is the latest hip-hop artist to speak out on this month’s controversial George Zimmerman verdict and why the Trayvon Martin family were doomed before the trial took place.

In Freddie’s opinion, the all-female jury could not possibly relate to the struggles of African Americans and especially to the slain teen.

“The defense team was arrogant, stand-offish, talk sh*t to the judge. They did their job. They swayed them six jurors that were on the motherf*cking jury. They swayed them for giving him [Zimmerman] no time,” Gibbs said. “Those Jurors must not have a child or something. I thought you supposed to trial a person from n*ggas that’s in his peer group? The jurors were like 50-plus, they wasn’t from his peer group. They were some old women from Florida. Some old white women from Florida. They didn’t give a f*ck about Trayvon Martin, his mother, all the cost involved that his family is going through right now. This sh*t is tearing his family apart, and this n*gga just get to walk free? Come on, now.” (XXL Mag)

He also said angered people should find non-violent ways to unleash their rage.

“N*ggas was trippin on that sh*t. Like all the sh*t you talking about, yeah, but what’s the f*ckign point [of more violence] my n*gga? We can ride all day, but this sh*t don’t change a God d*mn thing. The boy still dead, it ain’t going to bring him back. I just think they just went about it in a different way. N*ggas say it’s crazy. I know I be reacting, I know I have a temper. I realize I got younger people looking [up to] me, following my every word. I don’t want no young n*gga listening to me and go break no window on some n*gga door cause George Zimmerman walked. What the f*ck is that going to solve? It ain’t any need to riot. They just going to put more n*ggas in jail. More n*ggas in the system to take off the streets. So lets go about it in a smart way. It’s difficult but it is what it is.” (XXL Mag)

President Barack Obama recently acknowledged the publicized Zimmerman trial and verdict.

“There are very few African-American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars,” Mr. Obama said. “That happens to me–at least before I was a senator.” The remarks, delivered without a teleprompter, were a striking example of America’s first black president seeking to guide the country’s thinking on race without inflaming racial tensions or undermining the judicial system. They also amounted to Mr. Obama’s most pointed comments about race since his 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Obama issued a brief statement the day after the Martin verdict was handed down. He urged calm and compassion, noting that “a jury has spoken.” Missing, though, was any personal reflection from a president with a unique perspective on the matter. (Wall Street Journal)

This week, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Krayzie Bone promised SOHH they would be doing a Trayvon Martin tribute record.

“We’re definitely going to have to ride for Trayvon Martin and do something for the little homie. That’s a tragedy in itself. We’re all about people getting their justice and uplifting them. We’re all about everything that’s uplifting and positive. We’re 1,000 percent behind him. You “will” be hearing something from Bone Thugs about that Trayvon Martin situation. Trust me.” (SOHH)

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