Sports fanatic Freddie Gibbs is not rocking with the Chicago Bulls’ all-star forward Carlos Boozer, publicly dismantling his image and athletic ability this week.

Asked about his thoughts on Boozer, Gibbs had less than friendly words for the player.

“Yeah I don’t f*ck with Boozer man. I rather trade that n*gga for the 90th-round draft pick and for four D-League n*ggas. He’s supposed to be like Karl Malone man. But he’s nowhere near man. We need someone like LaMarcus Aldridge,” Gibbs said in an interview. “We need somebody to compliment Derrick Rose, man.” (Dime Mag)

Last year, Gibbs dedicated a local online column to his problems with Boozer’s performance in the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs.

Starting the column with a “you can go back to Utah” lead, Gibbs questioned Boozer’s toughness, skills and college before going into a “5 Reasons to Bench Boozer” list. #5. We play better without you. #4. You make too much. #3. Did I mention you were soft as wet toilet paper? #2. That wack a** rap song. #1. Dwight Howard (Chicago SB Nation)

Not only disliked by Freddie, Boozer has also caught heat from sports bloggers.

My default position has been, “The Bulls should amnesty Carlos Boozer.” Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even for another year. But eventually, that more than $15 million per year becomes too onerous for a team in need of a higher ceiling. Something changed, though. I’m not certain that it should alter the Boozer amnesty calculus, but the Bulls have more money on hand after losing Omer Asik and Ronnie Brewer to free agency. Of course, the loss of those aforementioned players speaks to Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf‘s reluctance to spend money. Having “extra money” on hand may just mean having theoretical cash that Reinsdorf won’t bother conjuring into reality. (Bleacher Report)

Carlos is expected to appear on an upcoming hip-hop-meets-NBA compilation album.

A hip-hop album entitled “Full Court Press Vol. 1” will feature guys from the league, including Juwan Howard, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, Carlos Boozer, Glen Davis, Shawn Marion, Josh Smith and more. In addition, the album is rumored to have artists like Rick Ross, Trina, Snoop Dogg, Birdman, The Game, T-Pain, Bun B, Twista and Soulja Boy on it, as well. (Complex)