Odd Future‘s Frank Ocean has fans blazing hot after appearing to tease a potential new album release with a perceived livestream broadcast today (August 1).

According to reports, Ocean’s unexpected Apple Music video stream ultimately turned out to be a continuous empty room loop.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Frank added an Apple Music video livestream to his website, getting a ton of people excited that, after all this, the album was finally happening. As it turns out, the “livestream” may not be a livestream at all; it looks to be a looped video of an empty room. (Complex)


Fans, upset for watching the stream, went to social media and unloaded their frustrations.


A few weeks ago, Ocean teased fans about his delayed Boys Don’t Cry solo effort with a viral campaign.

Ocean teased the pending release date on his website, BoysDontCry.co, with an image of a library due date card. The first date on the card, marked July 2015, is scratched off, followed by a series of dates, and ending with July 2016. To go along with this card, Ocean also republished a post from last year that suggested Boys Don’t Cry would be out in July 2015. (Rap-Up)


Back in April, Ocean broke big news to fans about his music comeback.

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