Odd Future’s Frank Ocean doesn’t want to see a former business affiliate get props for work he didn’t do. New reports claim the Los Angeles musician is seeking legal action over ownership claims.

According to a report, Frank is going at Om’Mas Keith four years after hiring him to help master produce songs off his Blonde album. However, Ocean believes Keith is taking credit for co-writing the tunes.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Frank says Om’Mas registered with ASCAP — which manages royalties for songwriters — and claimed he had co-written 11 songs … including “Pink + White,” and “Ivy.” Frank says he hired and paid Om’Mas a flat fee to work on the master recordings … and that’s it. Frank’s adamant — Om’Mas didn’t write the lyrics, melody or music. He’s suing to get a judge to block Om’Mas from getting songwriting credits. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Frank put out his cover of classic song “Moon River.”

Frank Ocean released a new song overnight. It’s a cover of “Moon River,” which Audrey Hepburn originally performed in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The song arrived in a Tumblr post captioned, “in the late night.” Ocean’s most recent song before that was “Provider,” which received a Hello Kitty-inspired music video. (Pitchfork)

A few weeks back, Ocean hinted at new music possibly coming together for 2018.

Ocean has recently sparked speculation that he’ll return with new music this year after a prolonged absence. Posting an image on his Tumblr page last month, he said: “IF YOU LIKED 2017, YOU’LL LOVE…2018”. (NME)

Ocean has relied on his Blonded radio show to get fans gassed up over new content.

It’s been some time since Frank has released a new tune, his latest being one of the several singles he unveiled via his “Blonded” radio show last year. In the meantime, he has been busy managing an ongoing kerfuffle with the delivery of his Endless vinyl and interviewing Oscar-nominee – and superfan – Timothée Chalamet. (Highsnobiety)