I guess with all the press Lil Kim has been receiving Foxy Brown needed to do something to get herself back in the spotlight. In today’s EUR they report that Igna is going to go for surgery to work on her ears.

While straining to hear the questions of reporters following her court appearance on assault charges, rapper Foxy Brown said that she is planning to undergo surgery soon to repair a lingering hearing defect.

This is wonderful news! Now she’ll be able to hear all that wack shit she’s been spitting for years. 

In other Foxy news, she just turned down two misdemeanor plea deals that would have given her 10 days of community service. Personally, I think Ms. Brown wants to do a lil time behind bars to give her career a much needed boost – a la Lil Kim style – but she needs to understand that skipping a $20 nail job and fighting some tiny Asian women ain’t really gangsta.Maybe Jigga could put her down with the UN MARKETING PLAN and let her stab him a few times next week.