New York rap veteran Foxy Brown has responded to some love shot her way from Nicki Minaj. The hip-hop vixen went to social media with accolades for the Queens native.

Foxy hit up Instagram this week and gushed over her relationship with the Queen Barbie.

KING Bad So!💋 @nickiminaj BABY C💕and I love u Auntie Nix!💋 Our loyalty supersedes fame; BAD GYAL nuh BAD MIND and as all girlfriends do, absolutely we have moments we get in our feelings too! We converse, check each other, and keep it moving!💋 Caribbean class instilled in us….iz ah rasclot rarity!😂😂 Amazed, how the world's literally fallen in love with C💜💜 Dun know she FASHION GAME dutty😩#BabyBergdorf lol🔥🔥 Ras😂 she'll need an extra floor fi Auntie PINK TINGZ lol💕 Baby Sis…can't wait until you birth your own ANGEL, and experience this feeling of invincibility, the fiercest love!🙏🏾 Another gorgeous Lil' HEIRESS both raised to ascend the thrones.👑👑 So BLESSED💕 So OBSESSIVELY IN LOVE💕with my fatso!💜❤️u NIC!

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A few days ago, Minaj shared a pic of Foxy’s recently born daughter.

In early September, Foxy showed off her daughter’s newborn pic.

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Back in March, buzz developed about Foxy possibly low-key having a baby.

#WendyWilliams says #FoxyBrown gave birth to a baby girl and the father is a reggae star

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