New York rapper Foxy Brown has shared her reaction to movie actress Lindsay Lohan’s 90-day jail sentence and explaining how she can relate to being a jailed celebrity.

Brown said Lohan’s stint behind bars reminded her of being sent to Rikers Island for a year on a parole violation in 2007.

“My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan. I watched her being taken to jail and it brought back tears and memories. It wasn’t all negative, I have to say that,” Brown said in an interview. “People just automatically think that prison stereotypically is the worst place. I was unlawfully sent to prison for a year, but I kind of welcomed the serenity when I was sentenced and I knew I had to deal with this…When Puff says ‘Mo money, mo problems,’ it’s really true. It’s such a blessing being a celebrity. There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity, but the downside of it? Oh, man. You’re constantly targeted. We all need to be law-abiding citizens, but I think each case needs to be ruled by the law, as opposed to this is a celebrity who is doing this and needs to be taught a lesson.” (MTV)

New York rapper Lil Kim recently vowed to support Lohan through her bid.

Lil’ Kim whipped up her very own milkshake to mark her 35th birthday at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Sunday (July 11). The Queen Bee, who spent her own time behind bars, also weighed in on Lindsay Lohan’s 90-day jail sentence. “There’s a lot of bigger fish to be fried when it comes to the justice system,” she shared. “Lindsay, she’s my friend and I will be there for her and I will help her. I love you, Linds.” (Rap-Up)

Prior to beginning her sentence earlier this month, Lohan hit up Twitter and channeled 50 Cent‘s “Patiently Waiting” 2003 record.

“in the words of 50 cent.. ‘You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch yo mouth,” she wote Tuesday (July 13). (Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter)

Lohan may be released as early as this weekend.

Lohan, 24, is expected to be released by Sunday or Monday after serving two weeks of her 90-day sentence for violating probation in a drunken driving case. She’ll next be headed for an L.A.-area residential rehab center. (People)

Check out Lil Kim speaking on Lindsay Lohan down below: