Television network Fox has announced its popular “Empire” series will return for its third season this September.

On Thursday (June 16), the show’s Instagram page revealed its long-awaited return date.

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In May, “Empire” show runner Ilene Chaiken spoke on the finale’s last scene between characters Rhonda and Anika.

“We always knew that it was Anika who pushed Rhonda. And we were aware how many viewers were dead certain that it was Anika who pushed Rhonda. But we did talk about whether it could be somebody else. There are certainly other characters in Empire who could have been culprits, given all the agendas and motives, and we could’ve done that just for the sake of defying audience expectations. [Laughs] But in the end, we wanted to tell the story we believed in and that we thought was the most earned, the most real and the most justifiable. And frankly, when you get deep into defying audience expectations, you can get all twisted up, sometimes to the point where it would have been less surprising if it were somebody other than Anika — as you suggested.” (TVLine)

Last month, actress/singer Mya informed SOHH about her interest in appearing on “Empire.”

“I would want to go on “Empire” and not play myself. I would want to go on there and play a role that is completely opposite of what people expect of me as a true actress,” Mya told SOHH. “So of course I would love that opportunity. It’s an awesome show and it has everything to do with business and entertainment in the game.” (SOHH)

Recently, “Empire” star Bre-Z spoke to SOHH about her show’s overwhelming success.

“I think “Empire” is one of the greatest things to happen to this generation. I’m very thankful for Lee Daniels and the team for this creation of the show. It’s an honor to be a part of it. It’s number one because it’s number one. There’s not a flaw, in my opinion, in the show. It caters to a few different walks of life that have never been broadcasted to national primetime television. Most shows are so made-up and scripted and dramatic, over-the-top but this show’s very safe. It’s a very safe show.” (SOHH)