A$AP Rocky’s Attorney Predicts ‘Vindication’ On Gun Charges: ‘There’s No Reason To Discuss The Possibility Of Conviction’

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Bad Blood

A$AP Rocky, who is currently facing two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and an allegation of personal use of a handgun, recently appeared in court for his arraignment. 

A$AP Rocky
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On Monday, Jan. 8, A$AP Rocky appeared in court for his arraignment. In court proceedings, the Harlem rapper authorized his attorneys to handle perfunctory matters on his behalf, reserving his presence for more substantial issues. 

While the pre-trial is set for March 6, when discussions on pre-trial motions and potential plea deals are expected, his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, clarified that a plea deal is not on the table. 

Tacopina Speaks

Furthermore, post-trial it was asserted that A$AP Rocky is assured of vindication, a distinct outcome from a not-guilty verdict. Joe Tacopina, A$AP Rocky’s lawyer, was questioned by Afi Patterson, Esq., about whether they had deliberated the potential for conviction. Tacopina responded with a firm “no.” He elaborated, stating:

“We have not discussed the possibility of conviction; there’s no reason to discuss the possibility of conviction. Facts will take us in a certain direction, and we’ll deal with whatever comes our way, but that’s not a concern.”

Regarding the pertinent reason for Patterson’s inquiry, she explained:

“I always advise my clients of a possibility of a not guilty verdict and a possibility of a conviction, and their exposure if convicted. Clients need to be aware of the risks of conviction, because you never know what a jury will do and it helps the client make more informed decisions.”

A$AP Rocky’s case stems from an incident in Hollywood, California, where he is accused by his ex-friend, A$AP Relli, of firing a gun at him during an argument.

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A$AP Rocky Denies Defaming Ex-Friend A$AP Relli

A$AP Rocky is denying allegations made by his ex-friend A$AP Relli. The Harlem rapper recently filed his official response to the defamation lawsuit. 

A$AP Rocky Denies Defaming Relli

On December 26, regarding a defamation lawsuit made by A$AP Rocky’s ex-friend, A$AP Relli, Rocky denied all allegations of claims made by Relli. 

The ongoing legal battle comes amidst Rocky’s pending criminal charges over a shooting incident in November 2021, where Relli accuses the Harlem rapper of firing a gun at him during an argument in Hollywood, California. 

Rocky was later arrested by the LAPD in connection with the shooting incident involving Relli. However, he was released on bond, only to face a civil lawsuit from Rellie seeking damages for the alleged injuries. 

‘Expressions Of Opinion’

In November 2023, prosecutors presented a video as evidence, purporting to show Rocky holding a gun before the alleged shooting. In response, Rocky submitted his official answer arguing:

“The Complaint does not state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action against the Defendants in that the statements alleged to be defamatory are not false statements of fact. Rocky said the statements alleged to be ‘defamatory are expressions of opinion.’ ”

Thus, Rocky requested the suit’s dismissal and reimbursement for his legal expenses.

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A$AP Rocky Faces Trial As New Footage Emerges In Shooting Case

New developments have surfaced in A$AP Rocky’s shooting case involving A$AP Relli, as prosecutors recently presented video evidence during a recent court hearing. The footage allegedly shows the Harlem rapper holding a gun during a physical altercation with Relli, prompting the case to proceed to trial. 

Footage Revealed

As footage surfaces, A$AP Rocky finds himself in a tense legal battle as he faces trial for his alleged involvement in a shooting incident involving former A$AP Mob member A$AP Relli.  

In a Los Angeles courtroom on November 20, prosecutors presented a video that they claim shows the “Fashion Killa” rapper holding a gun during the altercation with Relli. Throughout the testimony, Rocky maintained a stoic composure, as still photos from the footage further strengthened the prosecution’s argument.

Is That Rocky?

​​During the court proceedings, Detective Frank Flores of the Los Angeles Police Department took the stand and attested that law enforcement acquired the video as part of their investigation. 

The prosecution further supported their argument by presenting still photos from the footage, aiming to establish that the individual with the gun in question was indeed A$AP Rocky. The video, obtained by the Los Angeles Police Department, during their investigation, reveals Rocky donning a dark blue suit, black glasses, and a black facemask. 

Additionally, prosecutors played another clip of what they allege to be two gunshots, although no video of the actual shooting itself has been presented. 

A$AP Relli, who claims to have been shot by Rocky, testified that the incident occurred after they were initially separated. Relli stated that Rocky fired four shots before leaving him on the street. 

No Fingerprints?

However, law enforcement was unable to recover any fingerprints from the 9mm shell casings provided by Relli, raising questions about the validity of his claims.

During the trial, police body cam footage was also shown, revealing the arrival of at least seven officers at the scene and their subsequent search for evidence. 

To date, no gun or fingerprints from shell casings have been found by the authorities.

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A$AP Relli Testifies A$AP Rocky Threatened To Kill Him With Gun Held To His Stomach

Former A$AP Mob member A$AP Relli recently unveiled unsettling revelations about an encounter with fellow rapper A$AP Rocky that escalated into a hostile confrontation. According to Relli, this tumultuous encounter unfolded in Nov. 2021, with allegations of him being shot in the hand by the Harlem rapper during the heated altercation.

The Heated Exchange

In a Los Angeles court on Nov. 8,  Former A$AP Mob member, A$AP Relli, whose real name is Terell Ephron, revealed disturbing details about an encounter with Rocky that quickly turned hostile. 

According to Relli’s testimony, the incident occurred at a Los Angeles hotel, where he had agreed to meet Rocky to resolve their ongoing issues. Relli claimed that the incident took place on November 6, 2021, when he was allegedly shot in the hand by Rocky during a heated encounter. 

However, Relli claims that Rocky arrived with an entourage instead of a peaceful discussion, seemingly attempting to intimidate him. The tension escalated, and Relli alleges that the dramatic turn of events involved a gun being drawn. 

Their strained relationship apparently stemmed from perceived broken promises, including support for a slain A$AP Mob member’s family.

‘I’ll Kill You Right Now’

During the heated exchange, Relli testified that  Rocky pressed the gun against his stomach while uttering chilling words, “I’ll kill you right now.” 

Fortunately, the “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” rapper did not shoot at that moment, but Relli claims that shots were fired shortly after they separated. Relli recalls feeling a searing pain in his hand and realizing he had been shot. 

Allegedly, Rocky fired around four times before fleeing the scene, leaving Relli behind. The incident left Relli shaken and fearful, causing him to delay reporting to the authorities until a day later. 

A video of Rocky was shared of him leaving the courthouse with court reporter Meghann Cuniff, asking him, “Rocky, how ya feeling in there? How’s it going?” Rocky simply threw up two peace signs as he walked off. Rocky had previously pleaded not guilty to two counts of assault with a semi-automatic firearm.

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Former A$AP Mob Member Reveals Himself As A$AP Rocky’s Shooting Victim In Light Of Civil Lawsuit

Terell Ephron, a talent manager, producer, fashion and jewelry businessman, better known as A$AP Relli, identified himself as the man A$AP Rocky allegedly shot last November.

Coming Forward

Terell Ephron, a talent manager, producer, and fashion venture capitalist, better known as A$AP Relli, of the former A$AP Mob, has come forward as the man A$AP Rocky allegedly shot last November. 

Rolling Stone was the first to report this as the outlet learned Relli had plans to file a civil suit for assault, battery, and emotional distress against his friend.

Relli has made a move to publicly accuse A$AP Rocky of luring him to an obscure location in central Hollywood 

“to discuss a disagreement between the two of them.” 

This was according to a statement that had been provided to Rolling Stone by attorneys Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz when they announced the lawsuit. 

The report reads:

“Unbeknownst to Mr. Ephron, A$AP Rocky was not just planning for a conversation and came armed with a semi-automatic handgun. After arriving at the location, a conversation ensued whereby without provocation, warning, or any justification, A$AP Rocky produced the handgun and intentionally fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron.”

Ephron claimed the rapper inflicted minor injuries on his left hand after being shot. 

The statement also alleged that nearby surveillance cameras captured the entire incident. 

Ephron’s attorneys, Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz, have claimed that the former A$AP Mob member had suffered “multiple death threats and irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry as a result of this incident.”

They also added they expected the matter to go to a civil trial.

A$AP Rocky Arrested After A Fun Getaway With Rihanna In Barbados

A$AP Rocky was arrested on April 20, in Los Angeles on his return from a vacation in Barbados. 

Both A$AP Rocky and Rihanna were photographed prior to the arrest enjoying their private time.

A different report from regional outlet KNBC said Rocky was detained in connection with a November 2021 shooting, details of which had not previously been disclosed.

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