Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has announced plans to re-release his buzzing The Young OG Project album in the near future.

Loso broke the big news across his social media pages this week.

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A few weeks ago, Loso said he put more focus into overall content instead of just making radio-friendly hits this time around.

“With this project, I’m not looking at numbers or thinking that you got to have singles. It’s a different time in music. All the conventional ways of doing things are old, and you don’t need to do anything that way again. You need to find new ways to spark people’s interest.” (Billboard)

Fab publicly reacted to selling 71,000 copies in the album’s opening week on New Year’s Eve.

Rap veteran Nas recently relied on his social media outlets to push Fab’s newest release.

Fab’s new album tracklisting surfaced online a few weeks ago.

1. Lituation
2. We Good (Feat. Rich Homie Quan)
3. All Good
4. You Made Me (Feat. Tish Hyman)
5. She Wildin (Feat. Chris Brown)
6. Ball Drop (Feat. French Montana)
7. Bish Bounce
8. Rap & Sex
9. Gone For The Winter (Feat. Velous)
10. Cinnamon Apple (Feat. Kevin Hart)
11. Young OG II (Feat. Abir Haronni) (The Young OG Project)