Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller isn’t caving into the paparazzi. New footage has emerged of the hip-hop artist covering his face after leaving jail this week following a hit-and-run arrest.

A new clip has gone viral of Miller leaving a California jail Thursday (May 17) with a sweater covering his face and staying mum with a paparazzo.

According to reports, the crime went down early Thursday morning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Mac was driving in the San Fernando Valley around 1 AM Thursday when his 2016 G-Wagon hit a power pole, knocking it down. Mac and his 2 passengers fled the scene on foot. An eyewitness called the cops and told them which direction Mac and his buddies had gone. Cops arrived at the crash scene, ran the plates and got Mac’s address. They went to his home and we’re told he confessed to driving drunk and fleeing the scene. (TMZ)

The rap star reportedly had a bail set for his release to the sum of $15,000.

Cops will give him this … one law enforcement source tells us, “He was the most polite and nice intoxicated person we’ve ever seen.” Mac was cuffed and taken to jail. His bail was set at $15k. As of the time this post was published, he’s still behind bars. (TMZ)

Recent reports claimed Mac and ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande low-key unfollowed each other on social media following their publicized split.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller seem to have unfollowed each other on Instagram in the wake of their recent breakup, and honestly the news comes as kinda a huge surprise? Despite splitting after two years of dating due to their busy work schedules, it’s been reported that Ariana and Mac are still friends and “love each other dearly.” (Cosmopolitan)